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3/15/2020 9:11:24 PM

Can Tho Ecolodge Grand Opening

Author: By Ecolodge team
You are invited to discover a peaceful journey in Can Tho, Vietnam. For 15 years, Asia Ecolodge has provided quality service in the travel and hospitality industries. In 2019, Can Tho Ecolodge will open as the second installment of our luxury accommodations. Already operating in Mai Chau, our projects reflect the values of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. Ecolodge believes in merging the natural beauty of an untouched landscape with the modern comforts of everyday life for an unforgettable experience. Each destination lends itself as a serene escape or a home away from home.
The fourth largest city in Vietnam, Can Tho is best known for its complex networks of canals. Rivers become roads as the colorful array of floating markets rest in the metropolis of the Mekong Delta. This is the perfect place to enjoy the wonder of the natural surroundings and engage in the excitement of a bustling community. Our Ecolodge rests on the idyllic bank of the Can Tho River, surrounded by pristine countryside. Only a 5-minute boat ride to the Cái Răng, a famous floating market, visitors can gain an immersive, authentic adventure, absorbing life on the delta.
Construction began with the core values of our brand. Nestled amidst breathtaking nature, the location offers guests an intimate exploration of an ecological haven. This is part of our effort to keep people close to nature. Meanwhile, environmental protection, cultural preservation and responsible tourism can be seen throughout our design. The architecture, the food and the activities are all inspired by the lush land and cultural customs of Can Tho. The strategies used to carry out our commitment to sustainability coincide with the initiatives set in place at Mai Chau and Hue Ecolodge.
Save the date for a trip to Can Tho Ecolodge. Enjoy eco-activities, delicious cuisine, warm hospitality and an insight into the indigenous culture of the region. We hope to see you there. 

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