Message from Founder

Dear Eco-Travellers,

I am Hoa Nguyen Manh, Founder & CEO of Asia Ecolodge. 

After accompanying a trekking group for 11 days in Cao Bang province, Vietnam, I embarked on a journey in search of new horizons. I was delighted by the prospect of a nature-based business opportunity in which I could practice conservation and sustainability and, perhaps just as importantly, merge the extensive hospitality expertise of our general director, Miss Nhi, with my own passion for responsible travel.

Can Tho Ecolodge was born from our vision of creating a complete ecotourism experience. I was blessed in 2016 to find a beautiful Mekong Delta garden with mesmerising jungle and a meandering river at its borders. It is hugely rewarding to be able to inspire locals and guests to live more sustainably and care for the nature around us. 

The majority of our staff in Can Tho Ecolodge are local people from neighbouring villages. Please do speak to our staff and get a feel for their ancient culture. They may be a bit shy and their English is not perfect, but they are very charming and will always do their utmost to make your stay comfortable.

We thank you all for your faith in us and your continued support of Asia Ecolodge. We endeavour to help lifting the locals we work with out of poverty and also help protect this little part of paradise on Earth.

I hope you have a wonderful stay with us at Can Tho Ecolodge and enjoy all of the natural marvels this incredible area has on offer.

With Deep Love and Gratitude, 

Your Brother,

Hoa Nguyen Manh

15 Years’ Experience

Asia Ecolodge is a highly respected brand providing luxury eco-accommodation in Vietnam for guests conscious of their ecological footprint. In these trying times for the global environment, our team has never been more proud to be a part of the Ecolodge Asia vision and provide the initial stepping stones for Vietnam’s gradual shift into eco-friendly living.

After acting as a travel agent operating activity-based eco-tours throughout Vietnam, Ecolodge Asia branched out with its formative venture, Mai Chau Ecolodge, in 2014. The fantastic success of this environmentally friendly accommodation in Vietnam’s Northwest hill regions showed us that tourists are becoming more aware of their responsibilities to the local environment and its people. This spurred us on to create equivalent lodgings in the country’s sprawling south – Can Tho Ecolodge, offering the perfect stay for customers who share our progressive vision.


The 4-point vision of Asia Ecolodge is manifested beautifully at Can Tho Ecolodge. Our strong philosophy governs all of our operations including construction, nature and the preservation of local culture.

  • Closeness to Nature In both a physical and spiritual sense, guests of Can Tho Ecolodge will find themselves located at the centre of the Mekong Delta’s natural splendour. Not only is this demonstrated by our location mere walking distance away from wide rivers, thick jungle and tropical fruit gardens, but also from the natural, renewable materials that we use throughout the rooms. Stone, wood, leaves, and bamboo all come from the local environment and provide our guests with an immersive Mekong experience.
  • Environmental Protection Along with the use of sustainable construction materials, our care for the environment stretches to the energy we use throughout our resolutely green accommodation in the Mekong Delta. Can Tho Ecolodge works on a diet of solar energy, natural water, and biomass energy, with efforts to keep waste to an absolute minimum. Any by-products of our operations are recycled and safely fed back into the environment wherever possible.
  • Cultural Preservation Our commitment to keeping alive the fabulous traditions of the Mekong Delta is evidenced in our construction. Wooden, red brick and palm-leaf architecture is matched in beauty with amenities made of stone and a décor celebrating local culture, all sourced from local artisans in a bid to continue their ancient trades. The restaurant champions the delectable cuisine of the delta with a huge selection of local delicacies, while our Khmer staff display their unique and ancient culture through nightly dances soaked in tradition.
  • Responsible Tourism In the same vein as our support for local artisan businesses, Can Tho Ecolodge promotes responsible tourism through its hiring of underpriveleged residents amongst our community. We take our responsibility to the Mekong locals and their homeland very seriously and encourage guests to do the same by offering them a tree to plant at the lodge. All of our tours carry an eco-friendly message and benefit locals financially and culturally.

Mission & Vision

Can Tho Ecolodge, one of the most eco-friendly accommodation options in the Mekong Delta, champions the incredible work of the delta’s population through our accommodation, eco-tours and message. We take it as our responsibility to safeguard this millennia-old culture from the increasing threat of climate change and in doing so, hope to see the Mekong Delta thrive in modern times. We achieve this through the four principles listed above in addition to the unbeatable comfort and charm that our lodgings provide.

Our team

Nguyen Hang
Reservation Officer

I am responsible for the group follow-ups, reservations, sales contracts, rooming lists and all the details of your group guestroom bookings. I communicate pertinent information to all department of the Ecolodge to ensure your stay is a success.

Trinh Thu Huyen
Corporate Sales Manager
Are you looking for a spectacular and exclusive location for your natural event? Look no further. My name is Huyen and I am the Corporation Sales Manager at your service! Success matters, so my goal with each meeting is to give my full attention to the needs and expectations of our guests to ensure everything is smooth sailing for the meeting or event. I will be with you every step of the way!


Nguyen Hai
Marketing Executive

Hi! My name is Nguyen Hai. The passion for travelling & marketing made me decide to choose the travel industry for my career. I love my job, it gives me many opportunities to share my experience and knowledge of my beautiful country to many great customers from all over the world, as well as learn about different cultures and cuisines from them. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team any time if you would like to discover the wonders of Can Tho!

Tran Nhung
Marketing Excutive

Xin chào/ Bonjour/ Hi, Nhung is my name. I have travelled since I was a little girl and I have a great passion for travel because of that. I am very proud to have been born in Vietnam; it's a very safe country where children play freely and there are always friendly local people around you. There are also many beautiful wonders to be seen in Vietnam, including the fabulous Mekong Delta. If you want to discover the highlights of our pristine Can Tho, the Mekong capital, we are right here to guide you!


Special Offer  

Get the most out of our green accommodation in the Mekong Delta with the following all-inclusive packages. Stay in luxury, eat local and explore Can Tho’s rolling nature over the course of 2 or 3 days with Can Tho Ecolodge.