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Can Tho Ecolodge – The Ideal Weekend Getaway from Saigon

As interesting, beautiful and diverse as Saigon can be, sometimes the call to nature, away from the city, can be too strong to resist. Luckily for visitors to Vietnam’s largest metropolis, the legendary Mekong Delta sits calmly at its doorstep, rolling through the deep south of the country across rivers, rainforests and towns rich in the tranquillity of rural life. In the lush surrounds of Can Tho, the capital of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho Ecolodge offers south Vietnam’s best luxury eco-accommodation and the destination for one of Saigon’s best weekend getaways.
Why Can Tho Ecolodge?
There’s no shortage of reasons to choose Can Tho Ecolodge for your nature break from Ho Chi Minh City. We are a scenic 4-hour drive away and don’t require travel by air to reach. Of course, should you want to make the trip quicker, Can Tho International Airport welcomes guests from all over the country looking for that slice of green Vietnamese paradise.
We are the only true ‘Ecolodge’ established in the Mekong Delta, meaning that we take great care to ensure guests, locals, staff and environment are balanced in perfect harmony through our operations. These take many forms, including our uses of green energy, renewable materials and plastic alternatives. Our staff are hired from deprived communities and our tours and workshops are run by local people; all part of our drive to help each of our neighbours benefit from what we do.
Eco-Tours with Mekong Locals
A step into the Mekong Delta is a step back in time. The verdant green land rolling out from Can Tho was the first in the country to be settled and it fans across 12 modern-day provinces. This is not only the most fertile region of Vietnam, but one of the most fertile in the world – something that becomes obvious through Can Tho Ecolodge’s eco-tours around its jungle, orchards, farms and palm-fringed towns.
All of our tours are led by professional guides who were born and raised in the region. They take guests on exploratory journeys through major attractions like Cai Rang floating market and Can Tho city, but also to endearingly quiet places such as the Gian Gua tree, a hu tieu rice noodle village, Uncle Hai’s tropical fruit garden and many more. If organised tours aren’t your thing, you can take one of the free bicycles exclusively for guests of Can Tho Ecolodge and open up the delta at your own pace.
Ways to Relax at the Lodge
Naturally, tours are only suited to guests who can tear themselves away from the 4-star facilities of our lodge. Even stepping out of the beautiful, 56m2 rooms proves quite the challenge, as the comfortable double bed, rustic timber furnishings, private balcony overlooking flowery gardens and a handmade wooden bathtub keeps you in total luxury and grounds you beautifully in rural Can Tho culture.
Those who do make it out of the room will find a swimming pool with accompanying jacuzzi pool at the centre of the lodge. These are flanked by a crescent-shaped bar serving all manners of domestic and international drinks, as well as a ring of sun loungers shaded by palm-leaf parasols. The spa is a revelation in soothing southern treatments as it combines the best of the west and the long-treasured remedies of the Mekong Delta. Our professional masseuses can show you the magical healing of the region to a soundtrack of birds and trickling waterways.
Food Culture Brought to Life
The main building of Can Tho Ecolodge houses our resplendent restaurant, decked with natural wood and seating 200 guests with an open view of the pool. Here is where you can find the gorgeous culinary tradition of the Mekong Delta on a plate – be it fried elephant ear fish, grilled tiger shrimp or banana flower salad.
Guests can also add a touch of personal preference to their dining through one of our eco-cooking classes. These start at the market, where our guide will introduce the flavours of southern Vietnam, before making their purchases and heading back to the lodge. From there, our professional chef will take over and lead you step-by-step through several plates packed with Mekong heritage.
Our Guests at the Heart
Your stay at Can Tho Ecolodge is always about you. We pride ourselves on our ability to suit guests’ needs from check-in to check-out, whether they’re after a relaxed river break or a soul-soothing step into the rice paddies. A lot can be packed into a weekend retreat to Can Tho Ecolodge and we can make sure that your precious time is tailored around you.
Our various tour packages combine a stay at our luxury lodge with a wealth of activities showing you the best of the region. Choose your preferences and we will personalise everything, including transport, accommodation, tours and food. You’ll be amazed at how much of Can Tho can be seen in one weekend getaway from Saigon.
For your perfect weekend retreat from Saigon, Can Tho Ecolodge is ready to welcome you. Our luxury marriage of eco-facilities, nature and culture is the perfect antidote to the chaos of Ho Chi Minh City. Find out more about us and how you can enjoy our secluded Mekong Delta oasis here 


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